Volunteers In Patrol

CLENA Volunteer In Patrol (VIP)
The Dallas Police Department is concerned about crime in our neighborhood. The CLENA Volunteer In Patrol (VIP) group is now operating in Casa Linda in an effort to unite citizens and police for a common goal. That goal is to improve the quality of life for CLENA residents by preventing, reducing, and eliminating crime.
VIP groups are designed to provide a means for citizens to organize into patrol groups for the purpose of being visible in their community. The value of police-citizen cooperation is well illustrated by the success of Citizen Patrol programs nationwide.  CLENA neighbors may notify the VIP when you are out of town and the VIP will take special note of your house on our regular rounds.
VIP training is held every 6-8 weeks, from 9am to 1pm, on a Saturday.  VIP applicants must be a member of the Casa Linda Neighborhood Association, be over 18 and have a drivers license.  Officer Bervin Smith, at the Northeast Division Police Station, is our VIP contact.  You may reach him for an application or to answer questions at bervin.smith@dallascityhall.com, or 214-202-6255.   Darrell Woods, our VIP Coordinator, may be reached at 214-923-1640.   
Contact Deborah Arnett (CLENA  VIP) at 214-878-9803 for more information.